Chum Reap Sor! Hola! Hello!

I’m Kim and I’m a first generation Cambodian, born and raised in Rhode Island but now living in sunny South Florida!


My husband and I decided to move to Florida for better job opportunities and to get away from the New England winters. Florida was a foreign land to me since all I knew was Rhode Island; my family and friends are all still there. I turned to social media to explore my surroundings and meet new people. I got into writing by using Yelp and I became and avid Yelper documenting my explorations. This sparked a fire inside me to pursue creative writing and content creation. I work in an office during the day but needed to a hobby to unleash my creative side, so I got into blogging and photography.

I’m a foodie looking for the best eats and drinks in South Florida and beyond. I like to discover different restaurants, gyms, parks, (any type of establishment really) and share my thoughts about it. I love exploring and trying new things; life is all about adventure! I’m a traveler, eater, writer, cross-fitter, and love meeting new people. I wanted to document my experience on this earth and share it with the world. Whether it’s about food, drinks, fitness, travel, or lifestyle, I’m looking forward to sharing my take with you.

Thanks for reading what Kim the Cambodian (Kimbodian) has to speak about!


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