Every year, the Annual Florida Renaissance Festival goes to Deerfield Beach, Florida and brings magic, fables, and fun. This festival takes place in the 16th century. Festival employees and goers dress up in their coolest costumes. They’re open from 10 am to sunset; check their website before you go. There’s hundreds of vendors and entertainers. The walking trails are lined up with shops, stages, pubs, and food. You’re guaranteed to see turkey legs and beer for sure. This event is family friendly and fun for everyone! Every weekend between February and March 2018, there’s a different theme:

  • 2/10-2/11 -Swashbucklers and Sirens – Pirate themed
  • 2/17-2/19-Time Travelers – Steam Punk
  • 2/24-2/25-Vikings and Barbarians – Norwegian warriors
  • 3/3-3/4-Bodacious Bodices and Wenches – Women of the Renaissance
  • 3/10-3/11 International Weekend – All the different cultures during the Renaissance in Europe; Arabian peninsula to Africa, to Asia, etc.
  • 3/17-3/18-Kilts and Colleens – Celtic traditions of the Irish, Scots, Cornish and Welsh
  • 3/24-3/25-Witches, warlocks, and all about : Harry Potter – witches and wizards

Parking is fairly easy and organized; they also offer shuttles to and from the entrance. I usually take an Uber because my husband and I love drinking beer there. They have security check your bag and then you head onto the ticket booth; admissions for an adult is $25. Once we get in, we’re off to the beer tent first. They sell silver mugs for about $30 but you could refill your mug with beer for about $12. The food assortment was also great; from Scotch eggs, arepas, deep fried snickers, ribbon fries, chocolate dipped bananas, and many more.

If you’re in the mood to go to a comedy show, they have it. The comedians were super clever. They were rhyming, singing, and playing instruments. They did a good job with engaging with the audience.

If you’re in the mood to go to a live music show, they have it. There was a band that even covered The Game of Thrones theme song.

If you’re in the mood to go shopping, they have it; from dresses, crowns, butterfly wings, earrings, and other knick knacks.

If you’re in the mood to play some games, they have it. There’s archery and axe throwing. They also have real life jousting with horses running around in a field.

This is a great place to walk around and people watch; it is a fun event to go to and you have to experience it at least once a year. It’s become a tradition for my husband and I to go every year. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, I highly recommend checking this festival out! For other fun ideas to do in Florida, read my blog posts about 7 free things to do in the Fort Lauderdale area & my 2017 top 10 favorite places in Florida

Quiet Waters Park

401 Powerline Rd, Deerfield Beach, FL 33442

Open Saturday and Sunday only, 10am until sunset
Florida Renaissance Festival