My Exclusive Tasting Event Experience

I was invited by Zipkick to attend an exclusive taste event hosted by TRP Taste in Fort Lauderdale. The tasting event was lead by celebrity Chef Chris Miracolo and special guest, Lindsay Greene, food blogger at Lindsay was a competitor on a show called “Guy’s Big Project” on Food Network; that’s right, the famous Guy Fieri. This event was a preview of the official event that was taking place the next day; that event was completely sold out! I was astonished by how intimate the setting was, the lighting was dim, and the staff were super friendly.

TRP stands for “The Restaurant People”; it’s located on the first floor of One West Las Olas Boulevard. This venue is focused on culinary arts and it seats 24 people. The kitchen is open so you could see all the chefs work their magic. There’s a mini bar and bartender onsite; so you could order delicious drinks to pair with your meals. The schedule is rotating so there’s always something new to choose from; just make sure to check their website and reserve a seat. Since this is a test kitchen, you’re able to interact with different chefs from all types of background and with different culinary experiences. After dinner, head on upstairs to the Rooftop bar. A beautiful lounge overlooking the City of Fort Lauderdale. They also offer brunch on the weekends with prosecco pong, that’s right, instead of beer, they use prosecco!

Disclaimer: The meals and drinks were complimentary, however, my opinions expressed in this blog post are truthful to my experience.

What Was Served During This Event

When I first walked in, they handed me a delicious lemon cocktail with an edible flower floating in it and sugar on the rims. That was a super delicious drink that reminded me of lemoncello.

Lemon Cocktail

The first meal of the night was the stuffed surf and turf sushi donut. The donut consisted of nori, rice, maine lobster salad, and wagyu tetaki. There was spicy mayo and soy sauce on the side. This donut was so delicious, it reminded me of it’s sister, the sushi burrito. It was well thought out and the flavors were bursting in my mouth.

Surf and Turf Sushi Donut

The second course was the Rubix Cube Salad. Apples, beets, and avocado were cut into mini cubes and stacked on each other to create a food Rubix cube. Then honey and white balsamic topped it off; this was a delicious and refreshing salad. They made the beets taste so wonderful, if you didn’t like beets, you will after you try this salad.

Rubix Cube Salad

The third course was the steak and potato aligot. One of my favorites of the night for sure. The cheese and potatoes were mixed together and the consistency was grainy from the potatoes and gooey from the cheese. I could probably eat that cheese everyday; the steak dipped into it was perfect.

Steak and Cheese aligot
Look at that cheese pull

The fourth course was the Mac and Cheese burger! Yes, this was my favorite of the night. The name is self explanatory, it’s a burger topped with mac and cheese but it’s not just mac and cheese, it’s goat cheese mac and cheese! The burger had a ground brisket short rib blend, baby shells with goat cheese cream, scooped into brioche bun. The burger was heaven in my mouth! It was large, messy, and gooey, just the way I like it. The sauce used on the burger was the Big Mac sauce aka a thousand island sauce; there were pickles in it just like a gourmet Big Mac with mac and cheese; I’m still drooling while I type about this burger. Good job with this creation Lindsay!

Mac and Cheese Burger

The fifth course was dessert! I got to taste three lovely creations called “Trio of Bruleed Cookie Shots“. Yep, bruleed and torched, so mouthwatering! At this point, I was already full but had to taste each one. There was the ginger snap cookies with key lime custard, blueberry gelee peanut butter with chocolate custard, and the sea salt foam sugar cookie with strawberry custard, and crystallized pineapple. These were all amazing but my favorite was the ginger snap and key lime custard.

Trio Of Bruleed Cookie Shots

To end the night off, we got to try the Unicorn drink which was strong and tasty, topped off with cotton candy.

Unicorn Drink

A Night To Remember

I’m so amazed by this event, all of the food and drinks were amazing. Lindsay, Chef Chris, and the rest of the staff did an awesome job. I’m looking forward to checking out future events hosted by TRP Taste.  Thanks to Zipkick, TRP Taste and the staff, Chef Chris Miracolo and his staff, & Lindsay for an awesome evening to be remembered!


Some of the Zipkick girls and Blue from Yelp!

TRP Taste


1 W Las Olas Blvd Suite 100, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301