CrossFit was not always a thing I loved, I actually hated it at the beginning. It took me three attempts to finally commit and I’ve only committed because my husband swore by it. It’s intense and has a mixture of weightlifting and cardio. I went to the gym prior to joining CrossFit but wasn’t yielding the results I needed. I just did the bare minimum, the standard 30 minutes on the treadmill and then the weight machines; did this for 4 months and saw no results.

I joined CrossFit because I wanted a challenge and I wanted to see results. I’ve committed to it for a year and couldn’t be happier. The workouts consists of 20-60 minutes and I go 6 days a week. The workouts, also know as workout of the day aka WOD, is scaled down to your level. Eventually you would increase the weights as you get stronger and better with the movements.

I’ve gotten stronger and it has even prepared me for my first 5k run this year.  Most of the workouts were named after a fallen solider that used to do these workouts.The classes usually start out with a warm up then it goes into the actual WOD. The CrossFit gym is called a “Box”. There’s a lot of body weight and barbell workouts.

What I’ve accomplished this year with CrossFit in my life:

  • A 5k (3.1 mile run)
  • Toes to bars 
  • Push ups 
  • Banded pull ups
  • A personal record, 250 lb deadlift
  • 185 lb back squats

What I’m looking to accomplish in 2018:

  • Pull ups 
  • Handstand
  • Pistol sits
  • 300 lb deadlift
  • 250 backsquat
  • 150 bench press
  • Spartan race
  • Double unders 

Benefits of CrossFit:

  • Better sleep
  • Lower blood pressure 
  • Higher stamina and endurance
  • Toned muscles

Cons of CrossFit:

  • Whole body soreness
  • Expensive monthly membership
  • If workouts are not done properly, risk of injuries

I’ve got a long ways to go and I’m looking forward to learning more; I’ve set goals and accomplishing it little by little. If you’re looking for a new and challenging workout, I highly recommend CrossFit; give it at least a week and don’t give up on it no matter how hard it seems. This is coming from a newbie who wasn’t fit or active but now I love it so much I can’t see myself not doing CrossFit.


Kim C. Vig. aka Kimbodian Speaks


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