My name is Kim and this is my first blog post ever! You’ll be reading posts through the eyes of a first generation Cambodian-American.


I packed up and moved to Florida with my husband leaving all of our friends and family behind. We did this for new job opportunities and because of the beautiful weather year round. I dabbled with Yelp in Rhode Island but have gotten more serious with it since moving to Florida. It’s helped me discover new places to go while I explored uncharted territories. I’ve always had a severe passion (possibly unhealthy) for food in all shapes and sizes from all over the world.

After immersing myself in Yelp and reviewing pretty much everywhere I go. I figured why don’t I use some of that energy towards blogging? And for that, I thank Yelp for introducing me to a world of awesome restaurants, people, and writing.

I wanted to showcase my experiences and thoughts about food, fitness, and lifestyle. My dream career is to travel and eat like Andrew Zimmern; one could only dream. My main objective is to write about the best places for food and drinks, recipe ideas, fitness especially CrossFit, and my foodie adventures throughout the United States and beyond.

My goal is to post a couple of blog posts a week so please come back for more. I never thought I would like writing this much! Please follow my social media accounts below and hit subscribe if you’re interested. Warning: be prepared to salivate and learn tips on how to lose those calories that were consumed!