I’ve partnered up with Smile Love to get the perfect smile I’ve always wanted. Now then I’ve completed treatment, I’m able to tell you about my overall experience.

For the last eight months I’ve been using Smile Love clear aligners to straighten my teeth and remove my gaps. I can’t believe the eight months are up; it went by so fast. If you’re interested, check out my
original post when I first started the process:

Disclaimer Smile Love has sent me the aligner bundle in exchange of my honest review; this is a sponsored post.

Once I sent back my impression kit, the professionals started to analyze it and create the aligners. I received the aligners in the mail in a few weeks after that as well as updates via email. The coolest part was being able to see the “projected” after on their website. It also explains how many aligners I will need for both my top and bottom teeth as well as the duration.

My smile before the Smile Love treatment. There were lots of gaps and I was never happy with my smile.

In my case, I needed 14 aligners on top and 16 on the bottom in a total of 8 months. I would have to switch the aligners every two weeks. The aligners were very clear and comfortable; after putting them on, it felt like I didn’t have them on. The first two days of putting them on, it’s a little sore but that
soreness goes away very quickly. I would put on the new set right before bed so while I’m sleeping, I wouldn’t feel the soreness as much. Also, you have to wear these 22 hours a day and take them out when you’re eating or drinking liquids (besides water).

Treatment Preview Before
Treatment Preview After

My 1/3 of the way results:

Top: This was my before picture
Bottom: This was a third of way with Smile Love

My half way results:

Top: This was my before picture
Bottom: This was half way with Smile Love

My post treatment results:

Top: My teeth before using Smile Love
Middle: Half way with Smile Love
Bottom: Post treatment results from Smile Love

I feel like a whole new person. I’ve gotten compliments about how straight my teeth look. I can honestly smile and laugh with confidence whereas before I would always try to hide my teeth. If you’re looking for comfortable and affordable aligners, I highly recommend Smile Love. The customer service was prompt and friendly. The best investment is on yourself, I wish I found Smile Love much sooner.

No more gaps! I’m very happy with the way my teeth came out, thank you Smile Love! For $500 off, use my code: KIMV. If you’re interested, fill out an online assessment by clicking this link: http://bit.ly/2MxNeqK