international womens day

This blog post is part of the month-long blogger challenge that I’m participating in. International Women’s Day is a day celebrated on March 8th. We celebrate women from past to present and their achievements. The first National Women’s day was in 1909. In present day, women still have a hard time climbing up the workforce ladder due to the glass ceiling; statistically, women also make less per hour compared to men. With the #metoo movement, many women are coming forward about sexual abuse and/or harassment they’ve endured. In some developing countries, women are viewed as inferior compared to men and experiencing hardship and abuse. Have no fear, women are getting their voices back and are fiercer than ever. All the grandmothers, mothers, daughters, sisters, and aunts; if we come together and combine forces, we can build each other up, prosper, and spread positivity!

The question of the day: What achievement are you most proud of in your life?

  1. Getting my bachelor’s degree, even after wanting to quit so many times
  2. Getting out of my comfort zone and moving out of Rhode Island where I was born and raised
  3. Finding what I’m passionate about and unleashing my creative side and starting a blog
  4. Getting out of my shell (yes, I’m a quiet and shy introvert) and putting myself out there to connect with people
  5. Starting and sticking with the CrossFit and weightlifting sport

I still have a lot I want to accomplish and goals to reach. It hasn’t been a smooth and easy road. If you put your heart and soul into, I’ll guarantee that you will reach your goals. You may want to quit, scream, cry, and hide, but don’t give up until you reach it. If you fail, get back up and try again. Perseverance and patience is truly key.

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