I’ve partnered up with Smile Love to get the perfect smile I’ve always wanted. I’ll be starting this journey for a straighter teeth, follow along for a review.

I’ve always been super self conscious about my teeth. My biggest issue is the spacing between them; I’ve always had “gappy” teeth. Growing up, I would never smile with my teeth showing. As an adult in my 30’s, I still struggle with the appearance of them. I’ve always wanted braces but have been putting it off. I noticed that clear aligners were getting popular and more aesthetic than regular braces. I mean, I’m in my 30’s and I really didn’t want metal braces, nothing wrong with them, I just prefer clear aligners.

I did my research and found Smile Love, which is a company that creates clear aligners to help make teeth straight! They have dentists that can look at your teeth impressions and photos you submit. I love that I don’t have to go to the dentist for this!

*Disclaimer* Smile Love has sent me the impression kit in exchange of my honest review.

Received my impression kit!


The process was very simple, all you have to do is answer a few simple questions to see if Smile Love is the perfect fit for you. Click this link to find out if you’re a perfect fit http://bit.ly/2TP5yhF

Impression Kit

They will send you an impression kit which has:

  • Four trays, two for the top teeth and two for the bottom.
  • A clear mouth opener that assists you with keeping your mouth open for five pictures of your teeth.
  • Practice putty.
  • Molds that copies your teeth impressions.
  • Step by step guide.

Making the Impressions

I suggest practicing with the putty a few times to get the impressions perfect. The customer service is super amazing. You could send a picture of your practice putty to get feedback on it. I sent mine in and received a response almost immediately.

The key to getting a good impression is to aim for the middle, feel the gums, press the teeth straight down, and make sure the impressions show where the teeth and gums meet.

When you’re ready for making the final impressions, mix the colored and neutral putties together and make a little snake shape with it. This has to be done in less than 60 seconds. Place the putty into the tray and press your teeth down into it. Sit and wait for 4 minutes and 30 seconds. Repeat until all four trays are done.

Funny Teeth Pictures

This is the silly part. I had my husband take the picture of my teeth. They provided a plastic tool that makes you smile super wide. I won’t be posting that right now since they were embarrassing lol.

Two Week Wait

Once you’re done, mail the impressions back in the box and with the prepaid label. They will send you an email with the next times in about two weeks. I am currently waiting on mine and can’t wait for the feedback and my SMILE LOVE plan!

Additional Information

There’s a sale right now for 25% off the entire treatment and you can use my code, KIM100 for $100 off on top of the discount.

● The aligners are 75% less expensive than traditional braces & the most affordable in the industry
● Clearest aligners in the industry
● Never have to visit a dentist office
● Highest rated customer satisfaction in the industry

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Website: http://www.smilelove.com

Support: Support@smilelove.com