This is day two of the 30 day blog challenge that I’m working on. If you missed day one, you could read it here: 5 Facts About Kimbodian Speaks I came from a large family and we are pretty tight-knit. I’ve moved 1500 miles away from my family and it’s been three years living this far apart from them. It’s definitely very difficult because I miss them very much. I do try to visit them two to three times a year so that has helped. Right now, only my husband and I are living in Florida so we do a lot of bonding with each other and our new friends which are like family.

How I Bonded With My Family – Past to Present

When I was younger, I bonded with my siblings and cousins by playing outside, playing video games, and just being a child. My parents used to take my siblings and I to the beach; while at the beach we would get clam cakes, clam chowder, and fish & chips. Loved those New England summers! We also used to take day trips to Chinatown, Boston, Massachusetts to get dim sum and baked goods from the Chinese bakery. We used to have seafood night at my parent’s house and we would feast on lobsters, clams, and oysters.

Another fond memory is spending time with my aunt, whom is like a mother to me. She used to spoil me with Christmas gifts and birthday gifts! Every year, during the holidays, we would head over to her house for some of her amazing home cooked Cambodian food. Same with my mom and grandma, the way they bonded with us was by cooking amazing food. As I grew up, got a job and car, I was able to take my younger siblings out to the zoo, restaurants, and ice skating; this was a great way to bond with them.

My Family
My Family part 2

Currently, my husband and I bond by going out to restaurants, concerts, bars, kayaking, exploring, traveling, CrossFitting, watching Netflix, pretty much everything, haha. Another way to bond with my family is, when they come down to visit us here in Florida for a short period of time; we take them exploring.

My husband and I at the Wynwood Walls

Family is very important to me and I always find ways to bond with them when we’re together  (usually it involves FOOD). I hope my story helps inspire you to bond with yours! Don’t forget to check back for my day three post of my 30 day blog challenge by subscribing!


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